Saturday, May 2, 2009


To all my scouts, you all must be wondering about the term 'IMPEESA' as written in the masthead. The term 'IMPEESA' is actually reserved for our Chief Scout Lord Baden-Powell.

"The Wolf Who Never Sleeps"

‘In the Matabele War 1896-97,’ he claims, ‘the enemy called me "The Wolf".’ According to Boehmer, however, the meaning of his ‘African name’, ‘Impeesa’ or impisi, is closer to ‘the animal that skulks by night’: in other words, the hyena.

In 1887 we find BP in Africa, taking part in the campaigns against Zulus, and later against the fierce tribes of Ashanti and the savage Matabele warriors. The natives feared him so much that they gave him the name of "Impeesa", the "wolf-that-never-sleeps", because of his courage and amazing tracking abilities.

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